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Our expert staff has curated a library of almost 10,000 fragrances to choose from and inspire your product. We can use our state-of-the-art GCMS duplication techniques to ‘second source’ supply chain issues. And of course, our four in house perfumers create new and wonderful fragrances daily. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Industries where we exceed expectations daily

Having spent our lives seeing our beautiful fragrance creations overachieve in all sorts of different products, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. From candles to personal care, our team of expert perfumers, chemists and technicians know how to formulate with purpose. That purpose being the success of your product. No matter the form.

Industrial & Institutional

Here at Clarity, we know that industrial strength cleaning products require a level of expertise that provides quality products while being safe for consumers and the environment. We have the technical knowledge to create fragrances that not only inspire, but properly perform in your finished product. 

Home Care

Your home is your place for retreat and comfort. When it comes to fabric softners, detergents, soaps and other cleaners, we ensure that your product not only performs well, but also is safe.

Personal Care

Creating a personal care fragrance means creating an incredible experience that tantilizes the senses. Brands rely on Clarity for creating innovative scents that drive customer loyalty.

Air Care

Clarity understands the importance of complex, and compelling fragrances especially when it comes to Air Care. From candles to air fresheners, plugins and room prays, we excell at providing high-performing fragrances with innovative delivery systems.

Pet Care

We love pets at Clarity! But we don’t always love the smells they bring in from playing outside. From trendy pet fragrances to odor control technology, we’ve got Fido covered to keep your pets and home smelling fresh.

Innovative Scent Solutions

Got an idea to fragrance something unique? We’ve fragranced unusual items through the years and always love a new challenge. You can trust Clarity Fragrance will provide you innovative scents to bring you to a new experience.

Our passion for Fragrances, has no bounds.

At Clarity we have many thousands of fragrance formulations just waiting to find the right product. Haven’t had any luck with other houses? Let us create something custom for you. We make new, beautiful creations every day.

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