Connecting The World Through Fragrance

Clarity is dedicated to creating and delivering fragrances that inspire, connect and bring joy in every way.

Welcome to Our Family

Clarity is a family first company. This starts with our colleagues and their families here at Clarity and extends to all the relationships we have with customers, vendors, mentors and friends. When you collaborate with Clarity you inherit a large ‘Clarity Family’ dedicated to being good. Being honest. Being supportive. Family.

We love what we do

We love Fragrance. Our passion for the fragrance industry runs deep within our roots as a company. Truly. For many of us here, fragrances are the total work story of our entire adult lives! We never stop learning more about fragrances and how they connect others here at Clarity. We take pleasure in sharing the abundance of knowledge we have gained from the past with our Clarity family. This sharing of knowledge includes our customers, to help them grow and thrive but also sharing with our employees, to empower and encourage personal development.

We Focus on You

Our devotion is to you. We are committed to creating a fragrance profile, a story unique to you and your unique product. An engaging fragrance story starts by taking the time to listen. To imagine and dream with you is to truly understand your goals and needs. Let’s connect and dream together.


Our expert staff has curated an ever growing library of over 10,000 fragrances to choose from to inspire your product. We can utilize our state-of-the-art GCMS duplication techniques to ‘second source’ supply chain issues. And of course, our four in house perfumers create new and wonderful fragrances daily.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

Industrial & Institutional

Home & Household Care

Personal Care & Perfumes

Air fragrances

Pet & Animal Care

Innovative Scent Solutions

The Clarity Promise

When you collaborate with Clarity, you are welcomed into the Clarity Family. We will provide you with expert perfumers, quality fragrances, product support and industry knowledge, all with the precise intent of supporting your business.  Helping you to achieve your goals.

Join Our Family

Work with us today to join our customer family. You are our focus and your fragrance goals are ours. Let’s connect and embark on your fragrance journey together.


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